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Looking for a game that’s both colorful, exciting and challenging? Color or Die is just the case! Here you will be dared to get out of a tricky maze where every wall and every door has its own color, just like your character. And that factor is vital for successfully escaping this dreamlike place – as well as avoiding death by the clutches of a brutal monster lurking around the corner!

Choose your color wisely!

The game lives true to its name right from the start. Color or Die hurls a whole kaleidoscope of colors at your eyes. There is not a dull, grey spot here. Everything is sparkling and shining. It’s a dream of every rainbow fan. However, things aren’t as cheerful as they may look on the outside. Your character is trapped in this vibrant realm, and to get out, you need to open all doors, each painted another color. And that, in turn, will require you to find brushes of those colors first.

And all of that while avoiding the sight of a very evil, very dangerous beast. God knows why it’s after you, but it’s clearly hellbent on ripping you apart. And your only chance to save yourself is to blend in with the setting, quickly and cleverly. How can you do that? Well, for once, the monster won’t see you against any surface that has the same color as your hero. So the easiest way to survive is just run up to any suitable wall.

Doors, brushes and puzzles!

But what can you do if there are no walls of your color around? Then look for a bucket of paint! Those handy things are scattered all over the map, and not just as props. You can use them to repaint your character and thus provide yourself with a proper camouflage to blind the monster. Of course, it’s not that much about agility as about luck. But even if so, you can still increase your odds greatly by at least memorizing the location of specific paint buckets to quickly find a way to them later, when you’re in danger.

Oh yes, and you’ll need lots of other items lying around the maze, so getting a good idea of the map won’t hurt at all, regardless of how lucky you are. The more you keep circling the area the better you memorize it. So don’t feel like a loser if you keep passing the same spot over and over again – that just means you won’t have trouble finding your way through it should you end up running for your life. In fact, it’s high time to start your journey! What are you waiting for? Play Color or Die online and enjoy this vibrant insanity!

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