Color or Die Chapter 2

Imagine that you find yourself in a weird maze that’s equally cheery and creepy. It scintillates with all colors of the rainbow and every single thing here is painted bright. Your character is a guy of a color too. But before you can marvel at your surroundings, you hear a scary snarl – it’s the monster, and you have to get away from it, and fast! Will you be able to escape the puzzle that is Color or Die? Let’s see!

Paint, blend and survive!

In Color or Die Chapter 2, you need to run away from a labyrinth that is all color and splendor – aside from the fact that it’s a deadly trap that can become your tomb if you’re not agile and resourceful enough. So there is no time to waste on admiring the interior, you have to start searching for the exit right now! And as you can guess, everything is tied into color here.

Color is the basics of all escape room mechanics and stealth strategies. The monster won’t notice you if you lean against the wall of the same color as your character. Getting to it in time, however, is another issue. Luckily, there is always a bucket of paint you can stumble upon and pour onto yourself to switch color and blend with the very wall you’re standing at on the spot. Provided, of course, the color is right…

Collect all brushes and find a way out!

But color frenzy doesn’t end there. It also applies to doors that require a specific brush to be found if you hope to open them. That is, if you have an orange door, there has to be an orange brush somewhere. And if you haven’t picked it up yet, that means you need to go all the way back and look for it before you can proceed. All this time, the monster will be nearby, and there is no telling when it’s gonna make its next move. So you have to keep your eyes wide open both for brushes and any signs of danger. And those buckets of paint, of course!

The developers have also added puzzles of other types. You will have to make use of various tools you find on the map and figure out where exactly to use them to make progress. You’ll have to think logically and be inventive. And you’ll have to demonstrate extreme caution not to be spotted by the evil beast that keeps lurking around even if you think you’re in complete safety. In the long run, it’s much more than a color puzzle, and you’ll surely enjoy playing Color or Die Chapter 2 if you’re into games that merge different genres. So let’s get started and may your inner artist lead the way!

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