Color or Die Unblocked

Do you think you can escape any maze, no matter how tricky it is? How about the one that functions purely on color? That’s right, while in other mazes you may be tasked with finding keys, and hidden switches, and using all sorts of objects to break out, this one only requires you to make colors fit. But it’s easier said than done!

How good are you at blending in?

The thing is this: your character has to make it out of a strange world that is all different colors. And he has to do it using color. Or more precisely, paint. You see, there is this terrible creature hunting you (what’s new!). But it can easily be fooled if you just blend with the environment. How? By standing against the wall of the right color, for once. Meaning, the one that’s of exactly the same color as the guy you’re in control of. Take that, color-blind beast!

Keep your bucket of paint at hand!

And also there is another trick up your sleeve – repainting yourself! Yep, if there is no suitable wall anywhere near, you can always produce a bucket of paint and pour it all over yourself. No it’s fixed, and the monster is confused once again.

However, it’s no time to rest – you have to search for brushes as well. What kind of brushes? The ones that open doors. Yeah, yeah, it’s all weird, but this is the whole point of the game. A brush of the right color will open a door of the same color. Open them all and you’re free to go! Enjoy the color thrill!

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