People Playground

Picture a colorful and vibrant playground filled with adorable little stick figure people, going about their day, completely oblivious to the impending madness that’s about to unfold. Because People Playground is a sandbox of pure mayhem and entertainment! So let’s dive right into it!

Some kind of an anti-sandbox

This is every crazy maniac’s dream come true. You get to play around with a vast arsenal of weapons, explosives, and gadgets that will make your inner mad scientist squeal with delight. Want to see what happens when you attach rocket boosters to someone’s rear end? Go ahead and give it a whirl! Curious to know what happens when you mix a blender with a bunch of unsuspecting stick figures? You name it!

Goofy physics, crazy possibilities!

But hold on tight, because the fun doesn’t stop there. With a click of your mouse, you can summon crazy contraptions and traps, from giant wrecking balls and massive hammers to deadly spikes and gravity-defying platforms.

And the best part? The physics in this game are absolutely bonkers! Prepare to witness hilarious ragdoll antics as stick figures fly through the air, limbs flailing, bodies contorting, and heads spinning like a disco ball! So start playing and enjoy the thrill!

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